Get Involved

Join the Citizen Science Group and help design community research

There are many questions about indoor versus outdoor air quality that can be answered using inexpensive sensors. We are looking for community members who want to get involved in this process. Working together with scientists, participants in this group will select a research question of interest and deploy sensors to answer this question. Individuals of all ages, as well as family groups, are welcome to participate. This group will convene for the first time in the Fall of 2021.


Join the Community Advisory Group  

Fairbanks and North Pole residents have a long history of active engagement in air quality issues impacting our communities.   Community knowledge and experience is important throughout the research process to ensure that research design and results contribute to our overall understanding of air quality issues and solutions.  

We would like to invite individuals who represent diverse perspectives related to the challenges and potential solutions in addressing air quality issues in the Fairbanks and North Pole areas.

If your are interested in joining the Citizen Science Group or the Community Advisory Group,

Please contact  Krista Heeringa at: