Fairbanks Winter Air Study Kick-off Meeting

The Fairbanks and North Pole communities are invited to participate in the Fairbanks Winter Air Study kick-off meetings on February 4th (5:30pm) at the North Pole Library and February 6th (5:30pm) at the Fairbanks Community and Technical College.  

In addition to providing an overview of planned research, the community is invited to share concerns related to air quality. Parts of this study will include:

  • Chemistry research that will look at indoor and outdoor winter air quality,  
  • Citizen science where community members will select questions and conduct research on indoor air quality.  
  • Social science research on understanding preferences and opportunities to address winter winter air quality.

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  1. Janalynn Friend

    I just heard about the study this evening (Feb 7, 2020) on the 6:00pm KTVF 11, News. I’m very interested in how the outside air quality impacts the inside air of the various homes in the Tanana Valley. I’ve been inquiring at various activities if anyone was aware of any testing equipment, etc., that could give an individual this type of information. Or if anyone had done this kind of study. I was unaware that UAF was involved in this subject.
    I am a long time resident of North Pole and Fairbanks. I built a new home in Fairbanks in 2014/2015. It is a small single family dwelling with two bedrooms, 1 car garage, radiant floor heating. I am located in the Aurora Subdivision.
    I would like to know more about the study. What is it that you are testing? Will the test be done over an extended time period? Is there a POC that I can talk to about the study and if it is too late to be included in gathering this type of data? Please contact me at 907-460-6974 or at the email which I will provide. Thank you, JanaLynn Friend

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